Healing, Then Spontaneous Prophetic Music

I’ve just posted a video of a few minutes of spontaneous song, played on two keyboards:  one was a strings sound, and the other a piano.  Here’s the link –


There’s a very brief and understated testimony posted on the link.  Here’s the rest of the story.

About ten weeks ago, I had emergency surgery to remove a large brain tumor.  The tumor was on the part of the brain that makes music; the surgeon told JoAnn that if I had any musical ability, it might never return after the surgery…

I won’t try to write a lot about it all; the music speaks for itself.  If you watch the video, you’ll see the horseshoe-shaped scar the surgery left above my right ear.

I have better equipment for recording music, but we were simply testing a new video camera and didn’t expect to use this video.  Though the music sounds a bit muddy, my wife and I noticed an anointing on it and decided to post it on YouTube.

I look forward to producing more prophetic music materials on video – training materials, soaking music, and more.

Meanwhile I have a large learning-curve as I set up better recording equipment here at home, learn to use the camera, and so on. I didn’t sing on this particular video, but that would call for more technical skill as I learn to mix vocals with live accompaniment.

And it really wouldn’t hurt me to work through Hanon’s exercises, to strengthen my hands.  My left hand was very weak after surgery.  Hanon would be good therapy.

Bottom line:  if you‘ve met me on these blogs but haven’t heard my music, the post on YouTube will give you a sample.

More than that, it is a good testimony that God has restored me after surgery that might have left me an invalid or a corpse.

There are many technical flaws in the video, but when I listened to it I heard God’s peace.  Others have said the same.

Over the years, there have been many times when I tried to record something and technically it was fine but the anointing wasn’t there.  This time a friend and I were just experimenting with the new camera and with a lapel mike, but God anointed our experiment.  Who knows why?

All I know is that I’d rather have the anointing than technical perfection.  So this video is an example of that principle too; though it is imperfect, the peace of God is there.

And that’s what prophetic song is all about:  the anointing always comes first.

Resurrection blessings – Stan Smith

Stan Smith  ::  © 2010, GospelSmith  ::  http://www.GospelSmith.com

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