Testimony: Songs That Overflow

I recently  got an email about a spontaneous song.  I posted the story on Connie’s Miracle Song, where I mentioned that I often receive songs as I go about my daily life.  What are these songs for, and what do they mean?

At the very least, they are evidence that we are filled with the Holy Spirit.

 Be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord.  (Ephesians 5:18-19)



Here’s how Connie described her song.


Stan, I was in my car the other day driving home from a job interview and started humming a tune I had never heard before.  After humming for sometime, I started singing words to that tune out loud.  I want to share with you what God gave me that day.  It’s a slow chorus that I’m introducing to my church here in Myrtle Beach.  As I sang it to our worship leader, she got tears in her eyes and told me it was very touching.  Hope you enjoy it as well. 


I believe in miracles.  One’s headed my way.

I believe in miracles.  Could be this very day.

I believe in miracles.  Things happen when we pray (could also substitute “God answers when we pray”).

I believe in miracles.  One’s headed my way.


If we’re filled with the Spirit, we can expect Him to overflow out of us in song.  Sometimes it’ll be a song we already know, and at other times it’ll be a new song we never heard before.


I’ve written a few articles about an email I received from Connie, who found herself singing spontaneously to God, about miracles.  Recently the same thing happened to me.  I was in the checkout line in a grocery store, and suddenly began to sing.  I didn’t want to make a scene, so I sang very softly.  There was enough noise in the store that I’m sure nobody noticed I was singing. Here are the words:


Oh, God,

Make me a volcano,

Ready to explode

With Your love

And Your power.


I haven’t sung it in public yet and don’t know if I ever will.  I’m trying to find the right accompaniment for it on the keyboard, but I’m unhappy with everything I’ve come up with so far.

But according to Ephesians 5:8-19, songs like this are at least an overflow of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  If the song has done nothing more than to reflect my communion with God in daily life, that’s enough.  God is love, and love is a relationship.  If songs like Connie’s or mine are part of a love relationship with God, they are worthwhile whether anyone else ever hears them or not.

But a song like this, bubbling up spontaneously from somewhere deep inside, can be God’s way of helping us focus our prayer life on a theme He has chosen for us.

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2 responses to “Testimony: Songs That Overflow

  1. I know exactly what you mean. That happens very often to me as well. I had taken the liberty to start recording several of these spontaneous songs that Lord gave me. And this year my husband made a small home recording studio to work on producing our first album. Know that we have no previous knowledge about recording or producing. We are totally moving by faith and a dream we have.

    • Wow! Thanks for the good report! And in time, you may find that these God-given choruses become a launching pad for prophetic songs as you trust God to give you verses and let the church sing the choruses with you.

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