Solids From The Cloud

 It wasn’t that I had planned a meeting.  Instead, JoAnn had arranged for me to spend the afternoon with the prophetic worship team from the Santa Maria Valley Healing Rooms.  I didn’t know how many people would be coming, or what they were expecting me to give them.  JoAnn gave me only one clue:  “I told them you’d be glad to minister prophetically, one by one. Go ahead and start at the keyboard, and soak, just as we do on Sundays at The Gathering.

As we began to soak, a rich and tangible presence of God settled upon us.  As I played a spontaneous song on the keyboard, I counted it a time of speaking in tongues:  my hands did the speaking as God gave the sounds, and music was the language.  But what could people take home with them when the meeting was over?  Something would need to crystallize, something that could make heaven’s mark on our earthly existence.  Three solid things came out of the cloud of God’s presence, and the first two were for the worship team.  But the third is God’s invitation to all of us.


As the worship team was looking to God for impartation in prophetic song, I was given one simple assignment, and it called me to take three actions.  First, I was to declare prophetically over them that God will give them spontaneous choruses with verses that leave room for words of knowledge.  Then I was to demonstrate what it looks like.  I used a chorus I  often sing in my own prayer times, then sang a few verses spontaneously.  Further, I brought a short teaching from I Corinthians 14 to show that this kind of singing is commanded in the Bible.  Then I shared more about the principle that tongues must be interpreted, also from I Corinthians 14.

I recently played a bit of soaking music in a coffee shop and saw a vision while I played.  JoAnn caught part of it on her iPad and posted it on Facebook.  See!/photo.php?v=2562382229881  But what crystallized out of that?  First I saw a vision as I played, and then understanding of the vision came.  So I wrote down what I saw and learned.  The music was the tongues; the articles about the vision are the interpretation.  See


As JoAnn had promised, I prophesied over the people one by one.  It’s easy to get into a clear flow when the presence of God is tangible.  I had met many of the people before, but JoAnn knows them better than I do because she has known many of them for years.  After the meeting, she told me the prophetic words were accurate in ways I couldn’t have known about.  This isn’t a reflection on me and my gifts; instead, it testifies of God’s intimacy with His friends to whom He allowed me to minister.


Then, another thing crystallized, a whimsical  vision of Jesus, and a challenge for you.  Visions occur in varying levels of intensity, and this was so light I thought at first that it was just an irreverent imagination on my part.  The worship team had brought lunch, and when it was time to go to the counter and load our plates, I sensed Jesus looking at us and saying, “This is why I like to take you to church.  The best part is when we go out to eat afterwards.”

But then the conviction hit me.  Jesus likes to sit at the table with us when we eat together and talk about what happened in church.  He gives us more and more revelation.  Then, divine appointments with strangers are waiting for us outside the church.  Jesus looks forward to this part.  The word-picture that seemed to be just a joke was far more profound than I first thought.  Next time you go to church,be sure to include Jesus when you have coffee or a meal afterwards.  Enjoy!


Stan Smith  ::  © 2011, GospelSmith  ::


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  1. So appreciated this word Stan.

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