Healing Song

In the past two years, I assembled and posted a 31-day devotional, “Learn to hear from God”.  Much that I shared in the devotional also applies to prophetic song.  And it was in prophetic worship that I learned many of the principles I shared in the devotional.

I prepared for our last Gathering with a couple of hours of soaking.  It was very restful and I might have slept a little.  But as I waited on God, I sensed I was to sing Psalm 103, a scriprure song I wote a few years ago.  At one point, it settles into a two-chord loop, leaving room for spontaneous song.  In that part of the song, I was to trust God for a flow of words that would  expand this line of Psalm 103 :  “And everything within me, bless His holy name.”

My instructions were very clear, and God had aimed them at a specific target.  Several of us who attend  The Gathering are, like me, battling long-standing diseases like cancer and taking chemo and/or other medications that can cause side-effects.  As Psalm 103 commands everything within me to bless His holy name, I was to expand those words to include everything from cancer cells to toxic medications.

To fulfill my assignment, I would need to anchor my lyrics in the finished work of the  cross.  So I was soon using the principle, ”Launch Flow By Seeing Jesus”, found in the 31-day devotional, http://www.squidoo.com/learn-to-hear-from-God-day-13

Psalm 103 begins with these words:  “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name.”

I was to sing for those of us who are wrestling with the side effects of prescribed medications, that “everything within us” would bless His name by doing what it was supposed to do, but without troublesome side-effects.  I was struggling with side-effects myself, a weak voice thanks to my chemo treatment for brain cancer.  It tends to make me sound like a squirrel that’s been run over by a car.  What would God do?

One of our guests turned out to be a friend who has also undergone brain surgery  She’s been on a rocky road ever since. As she came into the Gathering, she was suffering an allergic reaction to one of her medications.

So The Gathering began, and in due time I sang the song.  As I got into the flow of the Spirit, I sang a declaration that my voice would get stronger as I sang, and it did.  Several people commented on it.

Soon,the lady who’d had brain surgery wanted prayer.  First, she explained that her doctors aren’t sure how to interpret the results of her tests, and it’s become stressful..Further, they’ve put her on a new medication that has caused her to itch all over.  I’ve experienced that, and it can be a torment.  Even the slightest movement of clothing against the skin feels like fire.  It’s impossible to get comfortable, and it was impossible to sleep.

We prayed, and I lingered by her chair for a few moments, trusting Jesus for a tangible flow of His healing presence as I laid my hand on her shoulder.  Moments later, tears were flowing down her face.  I realized He was touching her.  I continued to wait, focusing my heart on Him.  I meditated on the stripes He bore to provide her healing.  His presence continued to flow, and so did her tears.  But finally, I broke in and asked, “What’s happening?”

She answered, “I feel such peace!  And the itching is almost gone.”  So Jesus was making His healing presence tngible in two very different ways.

Stan Smith  ::  © 2011, GospelSmith  ::  http://www.GospelSmith.com

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