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Prophetic song is a new sound for most of the church, and there are few authorities on the subject. None of us can claim to be experts; like other prophetic musicians, I can only draw from my own experience and understanding of scripture. Here is my background.

I have been a prophetic musician in one way or another for nearly 40 years.
It began with the spontaneous songs of worship I sang to God as a teenager when I would sing in tongues. Sometimes interpretation came and I also sang in English. I have kept this up until now.

By the time I was in my early twenties, I occasionally sang a prophecy in the church. Almost nobody prophesied in song in those days.

Then in the mid-1990’s, people began stepping out in prophetic song all over the world. It was new to all of us, and many thought they were the first and only ones doing it. Sometimes they sang devotionally; sometimes God gave prophecies in song.

In the past ten years or so, whenever I am asked to lead worship, I almost always lead the whole service spontaneously. It has amazed me to see God releasing gifts of healing and deliverance, along with visions and open-heaven experiences.

I have been a pastor for 17 years. I got to see how prophetic worship can work in a church – when it works, when it doesn’t, and how it can help a church fulfill its God-given mission.

Many of us have seen prophetic song used in conferences and in “Harp And Bowl” meetings, but we haven’t realized it can be used in the local church. My own experience as a pastor tells me otherwise.

Prophetic worship is a natural for your church if God has called you to develop a culture of seeking His presence and glory. It can become a training venue, teaching the whole church to listen for His voice and to learn to be led by the Holy Spirit. It can fuel prayer meetings and altar calls.

It’s also something a church worship team can practice at their rehearsals – they can’t necessarily predict what specific sounds God will release in the meeting, but they can at least practice singing and playing spontaneously, so they can work the bugs out and be ready to flow when God chooses to move. I’ve written more about this in my workbook, Like A Flock Of Birds.

I have been a Bible teacher for more than 30 years. Every speaker seems to have a life-message, and mine has always been Christ in you. I am hooked on grace and on keeping Jesus at the center of our lives.

Prophetic song is biblical. Moses sang after the Exodus; the whole book of Psalms is prophetic song; other references to prophetic songs pop up all over the Old Testament.

In the New Testament, Jesus promised a river of the Holy Spirit that can and will flow out of us. Paul urges us to be filled with the Spirit, speaking to ourselves with “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.” Hebrews 2:12 shows Jesus in the church, singing praise to the Father – if we allow Him to sing through us, it will be prophetic song.

There is much more about prophetic song in scripture than I can write here, but I’ve told about it in my book, Prophetic Song: Gateway To Glory.

I believe God’s promise.
For about ten years, the prophets kept giving me the same word: that I was like Abraham, a man who would have many children, and that they would surpass me.

As I train people in prophetic song – in workshops, in churches, with my books, and with the online school – I believe what God has told me. He will take you beyond what I have experienced. If I can do my little bit to encourage you along the way, I’ve done my part.

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4 responses to “About Stan Smith

  1. This is great! I found this through James Golls newsletter. Do you send email newsletters? This is really needed for so many churches still don’t know about prophetic worship or harp-and-bowl. God Bless you and yours! Jackie

  2. This is great Stan, I believe you’ll see what the Lord has told you about having many sons which will bring sounds from heaven to fill this earth with God’s glory. thank you so much for sharing and equiping the body of Christ with your gifting and anointing. As a pastor I thank you. Blessings, José

  3. I was first “prophesied over musically” by the L’rd through Singing Prophet Dick Williams. Twice this happened. Twice the blessing was immense. I have prayed for “more material’ on Prophecy in Song. Praise YAH! for this site, for Pastor Stan & For YHWH’s Work in this Prophetic Realm. Hallelu-YAH! Thank you Pastor Stan for following the L’rd’s leading. Amein

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