Video Library

As we’ve been posting school-of-the-Spirit videos on YouTube, here is a list of what’s posted so far, and how each might be useful to you as a prophetic worshiper.

Recovery Testimonies

Each of these videos is a testimony of God’s grace as Stan has been recovering from surgery to remove a large brain tumor. The first is spontaneous instrumental worship – an example of soaking music  The next four are each a blend of teaching and testimony; I’ve added notes to tell how each relates to prophetic song.

Meditation – a few minutes of spontaneous instrumental music as Stan played two keyboards.  It’s typical of the music he plays in a live soaking meeting.

Simple Gospel, Open HeavensIf we could gain access to heaven, we could hear heavenly music.  This video doesn’t talk about music, but it uses a very basic concept of discipleship to show that Jesus calls us into an open-heaven lifestyle.

Help From Snakehandlers. This testimony is God’s answer to an unusual prayer.  Testimonies make God’s presence and power contagious.  Be sure to ask for testimonies of what God does during times of prophetic song.

Resurrection Power – testimonies build faith. Stan shares about victory over death, which is your testimony if Christ lives in you.  Build your own list of testimonies of what God does in you and through you in prophetic song.

God Spoke, and Then It Happened the Holy Spirit will show us things to come.  God called Stan to focus on abiding in Christ, whatever else might happen.  This theme of abiding – practicing the presence of God – is the key to prophetic song.  See the article, Testimony — Spirit-Filled Living.

Stan Smith  ::  © 2010, GospelSmith  ::

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